1. The Killer Whale and the golden child. X


  2. Twilight at Brooms Head. My most favourite time of day. X


  3. Two sweet honeys glowing in the golden light of the setting sun. X


  4. Ultimate New Year hangs with these colourful hunks at Teewah. X


  5. Five best mates living in a beach-side treehouse. I wouldn’t change a single thing. X


  6. Every day is an adventure with this guy. X


  7. She’s a firecracker. X


  8. Two illuminated soul sisters. X


  9. "Leave your worries with the wind. Instead, laugh constantly. Fall madly in love with the stars. Embrace the rhythm. Feel the fever in your hips and dance ‘til your heart’s on fire. Breathe life into your lungs. Be contagiously happy. Experience the magic of feeling alive. X"

  10. One look at this guy and you can feel his aurora. Uncomplicated, light-hearted and always ready for a good time. You don’t find them like this very often. He’s bursting with life and constantly full of spark. Plus he’ll laugh at all your jokes. X


  11. My easy-going, one-of-a-kind brother is the most generous person I know. You are becoming more and more like Dad each day. I’m a little worried. X


  12. Beautiful Caz being her creative self. X


  13. This view - and these hangs - will never get old. X


  14. What a hunk. X


  15. Classic Aussie Christmas hangs with the boys. X