1. The ultimate jolly human! I can hear your laugh through this photo Sam and it’s totally contagious. Always too many belly laughs when you’re around. X


  2. This gorgeous thing is allll sunshine and rainbows. X


  3. This is my kinda heaven. X


  4. Family. X


  5. She’s warm light on a winter’s day. X


  6. Little miss ocean eyes. They rarely come as beautiful as this, you crazy shiny diamond. X


  7. This weekend was all kinds of wonderful. X


  8. Dylan, you really are one-of-a-kind. X


  9. Happy birthday, you beautiful & bright sunshine child. X


  10. Your love is golden. X


  11. I am in awe of this beautiful & talented (yet oh-so light-hearted) mother. X


  12. The adventures are never-ending with this ray of sunshine. X


  13. Living the dream with this beach babe. X


  14. Werkin’ that grass like it ain’t no thang. X


  15. Nothing beats a spontaenous afternoon that leads to a wild night … especially with these two hunks in tow. X